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The trend for intensive exercise is causing major health issues. Hip replacements are on the rise and even more in thirty and forty year olds. Constant pressure on joints can wear down cartilage and once it is gone, thats it. So you can end up with the injuries of an elite athlete without the glory of the medals.

Solution? Try fitness like pilates. Exercises that focus on a great lifestyle. A workout that is balanced with stretching and strengthening work. 

Gorav Datta - orthopedic surgeon

James Duigan - Bodyism


Our bodies require 3 types of fuel to survive: breath, water and food - in that order of importance (you can live for weeks without food, a few days without water, but only minutes without air). And how often do we consciously attend to our breathing? How often do we train it?

As many athletes know, breathing is the key to higher levels of performance. It is also key to higher levels of awareness and intention. With Pilates we pay attention to breathing for better performance and feel good.

Daniel Kunitz - Lift


Pilates will make you move with power and control. Expect a challenging workout to strengthen, sculpt stimulate, energize and balance your body from the inside out. That will for sure catch attention! 

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