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Denise offers mat and reformer pilates, mobility, suspension method, Board30 and pilates-inspired group, and personal training.

Personalization Functional fitness challenging and fun  Upbeat and energetic Feel Good Core strength Optimal breathing Flexibility Full body workout

Good posture to positive mental attitude 

Wellbeing of the entire body

"What makes Denise STAND OUT is her innate ability of making ALL LEVELS of class participants get the BEST and MOST effective workout out of every class while maintaining a POSITIVE and relaxing environment".

- Lydia Dill, renowned spin instructor


Joseph Pilates is proof. As is Tiger Woods. Lebron James. Kobe Bryant and many more. 

Pilates is the perfect complement to your

training. Pilates will develop often neglected muscles. It will improve your core strength and flexibility. You will live more consciously. 

Get your workout buddies and be ready!


Denise offers group and private classes for men, women and kids.




Denise worked with many athletes in the field of swimming, skiing, mountain biking, triathlons, tennis, golf, and more. She loves to make you play better, run faster and longer with less chance of injury. Get the best out version of you.

Pilates exercises are designed to help stretch and strengthen the muscles that may be overused or neglected by athletes.  The workouts improve your posture and efficiency during each meet or race.  Pilates exercises create a stronger, more flexible spine and core, and also promotes faster recovery from strains and injuries.

Train smarter. Run faster. Hit better. 

"I love Denise's pilates! She has AMAZING ENERGY and poise, it keeps you moving. The class has really helped me as an ENDURANCE AHTLETE by pin pointing and working on my weaker muscles" - Sarah Gott, Endurance Athlete


"Denise is a terrific teacher. She brings a great deal of EXPERTISE in her Pilates practice, and a wonderfully POSITIVE attitude that makes her classes both challenging and fun." - Anne Cottrell, Marathon Runner and former St Helena citizen of the year



I preach feeling good above looking good. But how when we can go for both?!

Would you like to get wedding ready with personal sessions leading up to your big day?

Or bring your bridesmaids and crew for a morning of workouts and healthy juices and lunch. 

Tone. Tighten. Shine. All included.


As a mother herself who benefitted immensely from pilates for birthing. Denise created many workout regimes for expecting moms. Safe workouts to support you in each trimester and to prepare yourself for all the stages to come. 

Plus postnatal workouts to rebuild your strength, relieve pains, and finding your balance. 


As a former field hockey, soccer, and Girls on the Run Coach, Denise loves to teach and play with children.

Children of all ages can benefit from pilates. From very playful workouts for younger ones till good postural focus and awareness of how to use the body while playing other sports. Preventing and reducing sport injuries. More self-control, self-awareness, and self-esteem. 

Children learn how to move safely and more effectively. 

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