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“Denise is a ‘DREAM DEMON ’ in terms of the perfect workout that is expertly managed with not a moment being wasted.  She charmingly coats her relentless goal of helping you be the BEST YOU can be with social interaction being saved for after the session is completed.  An investment of your time and effort with her will produce GREAT PHYSICAL RETURNS and amazing psychological dividends.”

Gail Policy, fitness enthusiast and proprietor Casa Piena




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''What is shocking to me is that I not only feel I get a good workout during Denise her classes, but thanks to the education and awareness Denise teaches,my PHYSICAL STRENGTH and ENDURANCE have IMPROVED my performance in EVERY PHYSICAL CHALLENGE  I face. From running to tennis, from spinning to gardening, and even mundane activities like driving, I find myself tightening my core and feeling strong. I only wish I could borrow her boundless ENERGY and positive attitude"

Boo Beckstoffer -

proprietor Beckstoffer Estate




Originally from the Netherlands, Denise feels very fortunate to be living in Napa Valley and enjoys teaching at the most beautiful locations.

With all religions it comes down to love and and energy. Working with Denise also means you get the love and the energy and you will feel good, flexible and strong. Next to a strong body, she is known to get your mind in the right place as the body will achieve what the mind believes!


With an emphasis on alignment and personal attention, she will guide you to become a better athlete, a happier version of you, a stronger and more balanced person. With almost 20 years of teaching experience and training by Stott Pilates, Balanced body and Functional Range Conditioning, she will get you Energized!


Pilates was meant to be in her life as it was meant to be that you found Denise. Denise had her own studio Rediant Pilates in the Netherlands before moving to the US where she resides with her family in Napa Valley since 2013. 


Always active in sports; running, field hockey, tennis and coaching younger kids, Denise is passionate about spreading her knowledge and energy.

Before diving full-time into pilates she was the CEO for H2O Plus in The Netherlands, Managing director Boska USA and Director of Marketing for Rituals in the US. 

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